Maximum Tilt Winter 2021 Members Show - OPEN CALL


We are excited to announce the open call for our 2021 Winter Members Show ‘Maximum Tilt’ which will take place 2nd - 10th December at SaltSpace Gallery! Readying you up for the climb as we head towards winter solstice when the Northern Hemisphere is at its maximum tilt away from the sun!


Ready for the climb? Us neither! So, we are inviting members working in any medium, to submit work, have a get together, tunes, good chat, and a drink of course. And a chance to sell some work! After the success of our last members show we wanted to deliver more throughout the year instead of hosting the one annually. We want to give members more opportunities to exhibit their work and for us to keep pushing more opportunities for emerging artists, to build and strengthen our member base and community!


DEADLINE to submit: Monday 15th November.


The opening night will be on Thursday 2nd December from 6pm.


Submissions guidelines:


All SaltSpace members are welcome to submit one pice of work:

  • Wall based work, no bigger than 1m x 1m

  • Film work can be accommodated on a reel.

  • Sculpture/floor work - email us directly with details of desired work to confirm.


Work drop off:


Members can drop off work 27th - 28th November, 11 - 3pm each day. All work must be labelled with name, install instructions and any fixings.

Fill out the form below to submit to our 2021 Winter Members Show Maximum Tilt ↓ 
Upload File

Please review, complete and sign the following contract and inventory list.

AN AGREEMENT made in Glasgow between SaltSpace Cooperative (hereafter referred to as  SaltSpace) and

(here in after referred to as the artist).

Contactable at:



Provision and display of selected artwork for exhibition. 

The above contributions together with the Terms and Conditions outlined below comprise the complete agreement between SaltSpace Cooperative and the Artist. 


1. Contribution and Duration. 

1.1 - The Artist agrees to leave their contribution in the possession of Saltspace and work with the gallery team to see the exhibition through to fruition within the outlined contract dates. 

2. Drop-off / Collection. 

2.1 - The Artist agrees to take responsibility for the delivery and collection of their contribution. This must be done in person or via a secure postage method/service. Posting should only be done in exceptional circumstances and agreed beforehand with SaltSpace so a committee member is in place to receive the delivery.

2.2 - Dates for collection of works must be agreed in advance of exhibition between the artist and Saltspace. The Artist will be accountable for any postage charges if a request is made for Saltspace to handle the delivery of their contribution. 


3. Sale. 

3.1 - Saltspace will take a 20% commission on the sale of artworks that are agreed for sale.

3.2 - Saltspace agrees to notify the artist as soon as payment has been received for the sale of items and process payments to the Artist in a timely manner. 

4. Representation, Documentation and Promotion. 

4.1 - The Artist agrees to provide a biography/artist statement, information regarding their contribution and a selection of images on request, to Saltspace for use in promotional materials, and for other marketing purposes at Saltspace’s discretion. 

4.2 – Artists must supply their own fixings for work to be hung.  

4.3 - Saltspace reserves the right to record/document the artists contribution. This includes photographs, video and or audio recordings. 

4.4 - Saltspace further reserves the right to use recordings/documentation in Saltspace’s  possession solely for promotional purposes, including online publicity, without seeking  permission of the artist. Copyright of this material shall remain with the Gallery. The Artist can  retain a copy on request and be free to use it for his or her own professional promotion/development.


5. Ownership and copyright 

5.1 - Ownership and copyright of the work created solely by the Artist shall remain with the


artist. Any reproduction or alterations shall require the Artist’s consent. 

5.2 - Ownership and copyright of work produced by Saltspace shall remain the property of  Saltspace and copy right shall reside with them. 


6. Damages and Insurance 

6.1 - Saltspace will seek to provide secure display and storage for the Artist’s contribution, but will not be liable for loss of, or damage to the Artist’s contribution. 

6.2 - The Artist should have prior and adequate PPL Insurance (Public and Products Liability Insurance) in place. 

7. Behavior and Restrictions 

7.1 - The Artist agrees to adhere to any restrictions in regards to explicit content.

7.2 - The Artist shall be responsible for the behavior of their guests and shall in the event of damages, make good and/or compensate for the damages caused by such persons. 


8. Disputes 

8.1 - Any dispute (other than legal interpretation of this agreement) shall be referred at the request of either party to an independent expert. 


9. Termination 

9.1 - Saltspace may terminate this agreement during the Exhibition by giving written notice to the artist if they fail to comply with the obligations outlined in this agreement provided at least one weeks notice has been given and they have failed to rectify the problem in that time. 

9.2 - The Artist may terminate this agreement by giving written notice if Saltspace fails to comply with its obligations outlined in this agreement and it has failed to rectify the problem in that time. 


10. Changes in Agreement 

10.1 - This agreement comprises the entire agreement and may only be changed in writing, signed by both sides. 


11. Governing Law 

11.1 - This agreement shall be governed by Scots Law. 


Please fill out below with the title, description of the work/description of materials, and  any additional information for the items you are providing to SaltSpace for accompanying price list for the show. If your work is not for sale state this below in additional information. 

Thanks for submitting! Check your junk for confirmation email.

Open Call for our 2021 Winter Members Show is now closed.