Alex is a designer and maker who works across a range of mediums by utilising or learning a variety of skills from digital to traditional crafts, being led by possibility and potential of outcomes tailored to individual briefs rather than motivated by fixed themes or trends.


Current interests include developing ideas for site-specific work influenced by architecture and space, along with recent freelance collaborations with musicians, illustrators and a choreographer across print, screen and film. At present, Alex works in the media and broadcast sector as a graphic designer focusing on typography, branding and commercial artwork for film and television.

Breathe 2.png

Breathe was developed from time spent documenting Katie James' dance and yoga practice. It responds to Katie's practice by capturing her purposeful movements using intentional camera and editing techniques. At times it shows a variety of unexpected side-by-side dual angles reflecting both the interesting physical movements as well as being a metaphor for the introspection that occurs during meditation.


Created as a flexible site-specific piece, when premiered, it was projected onto the floor within the same dimensions of a yoga mat. Using 3mm frosted acrylic as a screen (the mat), the film could be observed from different angles whether by walking around it or over it. Sounds of breath accompany the film allowing the audience to become focussed participants, offering a quietly intimate experience.

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