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We are excited to announce our open call for an artist residency to take place for four weeks from 10th January within our gallery space located on 270 High St. Glasgow and to result in a subsequent exhibition if desired.

Members are invited to apply to be selected for a self-led four week residency working in any medium. We are particularly wanting to hear from emerging artists who will significantly benefit from time and space to develop their work. Maybe you haven’t been able to rent a studio recently or you wish to view your work and make in a different environment? Perhaps you need a change of environment to concentrate and push a new body of work? Are you wanting to be more ambitious in size, structure or installation of your work?  We want to hear from you! 

The selected artist in residence will have 24hour access to the whole of the gallery space for the full four weeks of your residency with us! During your residency we can promote you and your practice across our social media.


If the selected artist wishes to have an exhibition at the end of the residency they will have to pay the normal rates to hire the gallery ~ £50 for first day and £15 thereafter including install days.



DEADLINE to submit: Friday 10th December.

APPLY: Become A SaltSpace Member to receive the application form!

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