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Balancing Art Collaborative Residency - Open Call - Deadline 20th April 5pm

Members are invited to apply as an individual artist to be selected for a collaborative residency, bringing together two or three artists from different creative backgrounds to collaborate on a project which culminates in an exhibition/product/film/workshop, currently this would take digital form with the chance of a physical outcome if possible.


The artists who have been selected, will have a period of 3 days where they work together to blend their ideas and come up with a project idea, they will submit to the programme co-ordinators. After this is approved, they will work to realise their project over the period of two intense weeks, with regular critical and logistical support from our programme co-ordinators and a small production fee of £150 to each artist to create their final outcome. The last 3 days will be the showcase of this work on SaltSpace’s website and social media with the opportunity to showcase it physically within one of our spaces when it is possible.

This SaltSpace Members-only opportunity is ideal for artists who are currently needing a new perspective, challenge or inspiration to take their work in a new direction. It is an opportunity for members to engage with each other while also bridging the gap between different specialisms and mediums. 

On offer:

- £150 production fee (each)

- Free hire of our spaces

- Mentoring from committee members

- Social media takeovers

- Access to relevant equipment