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Ben Dawson is A Fine Artist who practice is in and out of the screen, producing digital animation , video installations and printed matter.


- “What does it mean to be human? – A digital deep dive in to materialist mortality, asking the question of what it is to have a body physically and digitally” My work orbits around our physical and digital identities and their symbiotic convergence and divergence, the question between real and virtual in the age of the internet Omni presence plagues me, Owning a body is a complex and nuanced condition, what if a body exist without knowing(non body’s), thus proposing the question of ownership and autonomy , these ethical questions frame a dissection in to digital materiality.


CGI rendered slippages forming, as cowboys that have been digitally sculpted by my hand exist purely on software where the question of postproduction and creation are endless a digital infinity (the wild west) things never die on screen they get reborn as JPEGS or FBX files. Renderings transform in to scripts then films and soundscapes that ponder, creation myths, technology automation of self and digital alchemy. I have an obsessiveness for images the use of the cowboy and the western has become a surrogate, cowboy images becoming cloaked as texture maps morphing from flat to virtual parody, the authenticity of images is null and void, they become embossing, its funny to see an image of a horse on a virtual horse, literalness has a certain humour. Dichotomy and diametric conditions oscillate in my practice , narrative is crafted in and out if screen to sculpt a whole , world building articulates extensive research in away that feels human and more emotional than sleek sterile digitalness. 

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How much are you willing to sacrifice to find yourself?”


Giddy up and yee haw the digital preset sunset image waits the horizon line, we shall ride till we leave the screen, galloping though the grids and vectors, leaving the hyper slick smooth rendered no places, into the void the cowboy went, this space of non-elemental matter of something that felt like digital pseudo-scrapes, the real fiction of this space echoes around in an emptiness of cyberspace.

Our cowboy’s fiction had bled into facts pseudo-fictionalization of cowboy avatar in the digital Wild West, this is the parody– a parody of a joke of a parody of any western film ever.

Our cowboy’s mind merged with this train of though, he felt his feet on the floor with a weight and sense of feel, matter transmitted in to this digital exoskeleton, yes haw! A surge of energy pulsed through the landscape, morphing and forming, grass attempting to grow, abstracts shapes shifting as if the landscape was activated by a creator.


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