Pleased to say artist Connor Ross @connor1t3 is the recipient of our collab digital residency with Print Clan! 🎈Follow Connor over the next few weeks as he begins to build a digital archive of interviews/research online alongside printing in the Print Clan studio.

Connor works in detailed drawings, embossment and printing techniques creating images relating to loss and memory. With this project he hopes to explore this premise on a larger scale and combine the methodical aspects in printmaking to question the natural repetition and degradation of memory. Keep up to date with the developments of Connors project on our social media and website and go follow @printclan 💘

A wee update on what our Saltspace/ @printclan resident @connor1t3 is up too and his plans for the next weeks:
Hey Everyone!
Just wanted to write up a little thing with starting my residency with SaltSpace x Printclan. I'm looking to make it like a little online archive, happening in real-time. Since we can't all be together just now, it's good to be hearing about the good old times and fresh feeling for the ones we will have when we can sit in the sun (if in Glasgow replace with rain), enjoy a pint with friends.
I know myself it has been hard to not become a hermit in my room binging Netflix, or re-watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer for the 10th time. Love that series, Sarah Michelle Gellar getting me through the hard times. But we all need a wee break to reminisce, and I've always loved that experience of coming together finding those similarities and differences we share in remembering memories. Since i want it to be more engaging/ to stop me from quoting buffy to my flatmate daily, I'm going to keep you updated with the residency through SaltSpace blog posts and even just on my Instagram feed. So if you see me pop up to write what you're thinking and we can get chatting.
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Connor Ross

Saltspace x Printclan


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Lets talk about the past!

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For his residency with Saltspace & Print Clan, artist Connor Ross is looking for volunteers!


Hey Humans!
As part of my residency, I’m jumping back into my undergrad research into the connection of memory/nostalgia and physical attachments. I’m looking for some people to volunteer for a wee short conversational interview (fancy talk for a chat) reminiscing from a photograph. Now it can be a Personal photograph of your choice that gives them homely nostalgic vibes or just one randomly picked out from my family album. So you’ll see a lot of bowl cuts, beehives and even questionable fashion choices by moi.


All of the interviews will be roughly ten minutes long, recorded and made available online with transcribes to be viewed by the public as part of the online archive/ Exhibition. And ill be using them to inspire and maybe reference in new work! So, if anyone is game for a quick chat, send me a wee message on any of my socials, or email, or through SaltSpace and we can try to arrange a time over the next 6 weeks of the residency.


Hope to speak to you soon.
Thanks again,

Digital archive

Margaret Smith interviewConnor Ross
00:00 / 07:10
Margaret Smith interview (2)Connor Ross
00:00 / 02:57
Amanda Rose Ross interviewConnor Ross
00:00 / 12:56
Amanda Rose Ross interview (2)Connor Ross
00:00 / 12:15
William Smith interviewConnor Ross
00:00 / 07:02
William Smith interview (2)Connor Ross
00:00 / 08:01
Michelle Jamieson interview via zoom!Connor Ross
00:00 / 22:27