'People don't no is it' // 'Drowning above water’ 

04/05/21 - 08/05/2021 Gallery Space

‘People don't no is it’ and ‘Drowning above water’ a solo show by Connor Ross is an accumulation of works made during the SaltSpace X Print Clan residency and Covid19.

The work explores nostalgia and memory, and the censorship that comes with recollecting a memory through an installation of prints, drawings and recordings.


Inspired by stories told from Connor’s Nana and the hidden pieces within them, the show begins to question the reliability of memory and censorship of our own pasts and sense of ourselves. In the past year Connor has gathered research, found or family photographs, interviewing family, friends and volunteers, recording them recalling memories and created a subsequent body of work linking methodical aspects in printmaking to question the natural repetition and degradation of memory.