'Moving the Mountain'curated by WELLDONE Art studio

6/2/2020 - Gallery Space


Tang Yue , Yuan Jing , Chen Peng, Niu Minggian

Curated by WELLDONE Art Studio:

Fan Shilei, Ma Zhuang, Li Yichen, Jiang Shuqi

The Moving The Mountain exhibition is an artist exchange project in cooperation between Saltspace and Well done Art Studio.


The four young artists who participated in the Moving The Mountain Art Project came from China Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts: Niu Mingqian, Tang Yue, Chen Peng, Yuan Jing. These works were created during postgraduate studies. After being influenced by different artists during their graduate studies, they combined their personal photography with skilled photography language to create their own style of work. Their works continue the cool and objective perspective of the Düsseldorf School, showing the social problems faced by Chinese youth today, and the way of thinking brought by the culture in this field is not similar to that of young British artists. The Moving The Mountain Project was taken from the name of Yue Fei ’s poetry Xiaozhong Mountain: “I wish to pour my heart into the strings of a zither, But oh, who would listen, and who would understand?” It is a lonely expression of these young artists ’works. The theme of this exhibition is to add a possibility to the artistic and cultural exchanges between China and Britain, hence the name Moving The Mountain.