Emily Knight


I am a multidisciplinary visual artist building upon my fundamental painting practise into an expanded field of animation and installation. My work is motivated by the attentive process involved with recalling and re-communicating my own memories and experiences. Static moments drift into motion, fragmented environments are re-presented in 3D space and scenes are flooded with imposing colours that further inform each happening. Drawing from philosophical readings into the subject, I develop compulsive methods of archiving memories to ease the sporadic mind. Prior to my current studies at the Glasgow School of Art, I pursued an interest in the art direction of film & television productions at Pinewood Studios after completing my Foundation Diploma at UCA in Rochester, Kent. Though seemingly distant from my current practice at university, aspects of these design efforts become apparent in explorations akin to tableau vivant.







98 Saltmarket St. G1 5LD, Glasgow   - Community Space

142 Saltmarket St. G1 5L, Glasgow   - Makers Space

270 High St. G4 0QT, Glasgow        - Gallery Space

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Saltspace is a voluntary, artist ran, non-profit Cooperative CIC across three spaces in the East end of Glasgow, UK.


As part of 'Space for Growth'supported by Glasgow City Properties.

Company no. SC634438