Ethan Dodd


Through my inter-disciplinary practice, I aim to transmute lived experience into a physical form. My ongoing practice is a constant educational process; it is distinctly personal, dealing with experienced trauma and attempting to ‘match’ individual mental health issues and their debilitating effects through empathy, to the experiences of others. This is an attempt to act as a ‘surrogate’ within my practice, highlighting the beneficial transformation of therapeutic and cathartic actions within a life, and hoping to incite this choice to stop and reflect in the audience. Crafting that moment of stillness as a method of beneficial dis-association for both myself and the viewer is a crucial lynchpin of my artistic practice. Much like a Chimera, the aesthetic philosophy of my practice is informed by an ever-evolving inner artistic language of kaleidoscopic references from both historical & new, literature and culture. These symbols focus on mythologising personal narratives, as a method of inviting others to empathise and understand another’s circumstances.


'I can't help myself (The Death of)', 20
'Demon of Warmth', 2020.JPG

 'Demon of Warmth', 2020, Mirrored Glass, Lead.

 'I can't Help Myself (The Death of)', 2019, Emergency Blanket, Stained Bible Pages, Marker, Someone Else's Knife.