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Exhibition Proposals

SaltSpace Gallery

July - December 2023

DEADLINE: 22nd May 2023

open call 2023 1.jpg

SaltSpace would like to invite emerging artists based in Scotland to submit exhibition proposals for SaltSpace gallery, Glasgow for our next gallery programme from July - December 2023. DEADLINE: Monday 22nd May at Midnight.

Our gallery is located at Axiom Building, 54 Washington Street Glasgow City Centre.


To submit a proposal, you will need to become a SaltSpace member which you can do below. Once you have become a member, you will receive the submission form in your welcome email.We welcome all disciplines and artists can submit a proposal for a solo show or a group show providing all exhibiting artists are members.

We rent SaltSpace gallery on a week to week basis, running from Wednesday - Tuesday.


For standard solo shows and group shows we charge fee of £200 including install/deinstall days. Members are invited to apply as individuals or groups to submit a proposal of work within the period July - December 2023. Proposals can explore a range of concepts and ideas and work submitted does not need to be completed or finalised upon submission.Proposals will be assessed by the SaltSpace Committee and due to the volume of previous open calls we cannot guarantee every proposal will be selected.


We ask you to provide us with your preferred month to exhibit. Due to high demand in previous call outs, we can't necessarily guarantee to give you your preferred month, but we will certainly work towards it, and upon a successful application it can be discussed further.

All fees are donated straight back into the Co-operative to aid in its continual operation and to pay for any overhead costs. Plus, a refundable deposit of £50 will be returned given the space is returned to an adequate enough condition after your show.

We would like to create a diverse programme of exhibitions with our members, providing the opportunity for you to experiment, push your practice and get involved with our spaces and the most out of your membership.

SaltSpace is unique in that it wants artists who are maybe unsure or uncertain of what direction to go in next. It’s a platform especially for artists in need of experience and space to try ideas out.

Or, perhaps you’ve fallen out of the loop and would like to start working on your practice again but don’t know where to start! Or you have been sitting on some new ideas you are wanting to test out and eager to showcase this. 

Either way we want to read your exhibition ideas and proposals!

Renting with us

SaltSpace Cooperative facilitate a gallery space for members to use and gain experience. As a small committee we cannot offer curatorial support since we are not a large operational company or gallery but a non-profit. However, the core ideas behind SaltSpace is for emerging artists to gain a valuable learning experience. When renting the space it is the responsibility of members to install, organise the opening night and invigilate the run of the exhibition. We have a small amount of equipment including media players and a small TV monitor and a storage of install tools. SaltSpace will support you with marketing and promotion of your exhibition.




Become a member below and recieve the submission form!

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