I am an artist working with photography, video and prose attempting to make sense of our world. The absurd arises from the difficulty of finding meaning in a seemingly meaningless world. 


The meaning which I photographically search for exists through human connections. The images of singular figures are self reflective of my solitude. They embody the lack of connection which my heart yearns for. At times I am content to be alone with my thoughts, conveyed visually through people walking across a street or perhaps taking a break from work. My affinity for light, quietness and reclusion is expressed through the innate beauty of solitary spaces. This solitude gives myself time to think and truly appreciate the beauty life holds, even when it pushes against me. My heart throbs towards twilight when I see shadows casted from trees under a lilac sunset. The beauty in life reminds me that happiness is in reach even amid sorrows and when life seems to make no sense. The photographs of couples strengthen the longing for human connections when feeling lonely. Now more than ever do these intimate moments show the importance of human connection.


My personal struggles of loneliness are expressed through both written work and the spoken components of the videos. The verge between land and water becomes important spaces in exploring our contemplative nature. This is particularly valuable for the meditative spoken word videos expressing loneliness. Loneliness can be piercingly painful at times, but the greatest way to overcome it is through compassion.



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Breathe (2019)


Breathe was created from a particularly lonely time in my life. The continuous still video of the reflective puddle was harmonious in mood of the spoken word. The work served as a cathartic exercise, executing the struggles of loneliness and the disparity of life. Sharing emotions seemed impossible to those around me, yet enduring life’s absurdity eventually lead to happiness. The necessity to become vulnerable and open my heart amidst sorrows unlocked the emotional floodgates. An admittance of hurt finally releases grief, liberating space for happiness. Breathe was made to help those struggling with loneliness as I did. 


My dear friend Rainy Miller also very kindly mixed Breathe with some ambient sounds on his second progress check mix, as part of his residency on NTS radio. His whole mix is fantastic and the music he’s producing hits the heart; he shall be releasing a mix every other month.


Listen to Breathe in around 40 minutes.

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Do You Remember? (2020)


A struggle for the city dweller during lock-down was the inability to connect to nature. As of March earlier this year, I found myself retreating from Glasgow back home to a small village in the North-West of England, just outside of Lancaster. It was a breath of fresh air returning to the fields and oak trees that I was so familiar with. The river is right on my door step and when the summer heat came it truly was beautiful. There was a complete shift in thinking during quarantine; I felt that I wanted to return to fundamental values. A cliché to say the least, but reconnecting with nature and appreciating the world’s beauty was deeply nourishing. I became aware of nature’s tender indifference to us; the trees sang, the river was still flowing and when the sun came out all the animals came together harmoniously. Nature’s unawareness of the pandemic, like a child’s innocence humoured me. I was longing to have a mind free of any related thought. I found myself in the allotment, keeping myself occupied in a world of growing vegetation and fruits. My heart melted at the 5 o’clock sun when I had to refill the watering can at the river. I became highly sensitive to the smell of roses and consider myself extremely fortunate to live at the heart of nature’s elegance.


Do You Remember? is a video made from still photographs I had taken during my daily hour walk. I have fond memories of the walk from when I was a small child; I used to go with my Mother and Father a lot and we called it ‘The Rabbit Walk’. It was interesting to photograph it within the quarantine period, comparing this to early childhood memories of it. As seen from the video, the route made its way through a single lane road past farms, through some fields by a river which entered to local woodland. Bird-song played as the images moved. A short walk but deeply satisfying that provided warmth in my heart. Interspersed on some of the stills were wavering thoughts, contemplating both memory and what I was seeing. Questions regarding current circumstances and values were raised, initiating that we return to a ‘tenderness’ in a life I remember from being a child. A return to loving and giving was sparked by these walks through nature, reminding me of this delicacy. Less is more; have less, give more, be kind to one another. In order to deal with a dispassionate world, we must be extremely compassionate towards others.