My work is concerned with the potential of raw materials from microcosm to macrocosm in differing states of flux. I predominantly work using light and carbon, spanning across sculpture, video, sound and installation. 

I am interested in the process of understanding and observing elemental change; from our relationship with the intangible to experiences in our everyday lives. 

Light and carbon are regarded for their purifying qualities, but
paradoxically provide a black deposit, which we perceive as impure. It is this 'black deposit' which has been the inspiration for recent pieces drawing on concepts of transference and energy production and use.


Work features the real time making of an Argyrotype photograph from natural incidental light. Argyrotype photography is an early form of photography where the coated paper becomes dark when in contact with UV light. The sequence is cut with footage from saffron dying muslin- saffron is called a 'fugitive' dye, and fades when exposed to sunlight.

These two processes create a synchronous appearing and disappearing of sun light temporarily recorded. In the exposing and fading of the image but also in the growing of the crocuses, a stain of orange on the harvester’s hand.

Saffron has been cultivated for over 3,500 years, often associated with richness saffron robes were worn by monks from India to Scotland and is often used to create yellow and orange pigments in illuminated manuscripts. Notoriously difficult to gather, harvesters worked in shifts day and night to pick the stamens which are dried over charcoal fires.

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