Gallery Exhibition Proposal Form

The purpose of this form is to evaluate the exhibitions and events we host are relevant to the aims and values of SaltSpace which are central to all our decisions. 

If you have any questions regarding proposing an exhibition with us email !


Please fill out the full proposal form and confirm you agree to the terms and conditions below. 

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Terms & Conditions

Please read, sign and date below.

1.    All exhibiting artists must be SaltSpace members.


2.    We have a non-refundable fee of £50 for the first day to host an exhibition within SaltSpace Gallery. This fee is donated straight back into the Co-operative to aid in its continual operation and to pay for any overhead costs. Thereafter we charge £15 per day, this includes install days.

3.    We currently do not have the resources to provide any media equipment, therefore any media equipment needed will have to be facilitated by the artist/s.

4.   Work exhibited must abide by our safe guarding policies which can be found here.

5.    All sales of artwork must go through SaltSpace and there is a 20% commission payable to SaltSpace on the sale of any artwork during the exhibition. Artists are expected to provide a price list if they desire.

6.    The exhibition/event may not involve the sale of alcohol or the preparation of food as Saltspace does not have a license for this.

7.    We expect all work to be insured by the artist/s themselves. We have Public Liability Insurance but not artists work insurance.

8.    We expect the exhibiting artists to commit to invigilating as much as possible and we will aide on any days you cannot cover.

9.    Follow all guidelines in our gallery guide. The space must be returned to the exact same condition as before. This includes re-painting and any damage, holes made to walls and floor, and maintaining the toilet is tidy and clean during install and invigilating the show. Follow our 'Sum Up' card machine instructions and storage. A Deposit of £50 will be returned after space is examined (subject to change dependent on hire).

10.     You are happy for SaltSpace to promote your exhibtion on our website and social media.

11.     Must abide by Covid 19 safety regulations.



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