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'Here and Now' Lynsey Mackenzie

Saltspace Gallery, High Street

January 2020

HERE AND NOW is an exhibition by our winter artist-in-residence Lynsey MacKenzie who graduated from Painting and Printmaking at GSA in 2019.

Lynsey MacKenzie approaches painting by combining ways of working; from memory and observations of her surroundings, to working intuitively, responding to marks and colours. Often one painting becomes a source for another. She has a deep interest in the relationships between painting and time: the timelessness of painting, the non-linear accumulation of imagery and forms, and the way that painting takes both painter and viewer outwith time. She is concerned with flux, brought about by the passage of time how order tends towards disorder. Planes of colour are combined with more gestural mark-making as she searches for a feeling of space, of something fleeting, of nothing being quite pinned down.

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