Adriana Minu

Adriana is an experimental sound/music maker, in her artistic research and practice she investigates how elements of our lived experience that precede language can be collected and used in creative ways. She likes collaborating with human and non-human entities whose sensory potential she attunes to using her body and voice. She brings a neurodiverse perspective to the ethics of participation and takes care to foster inclusivity when devising works that foreground sensory perception.

Adriana is currently pursuing a PhD in music composition at University of Glasgow/Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, funded by the Scottish Graduate School for Arts and Humanities. At University of Glasgow she has been teaching the seminars on the undergraduate/masters course Listening in Culture. During her masters at Glasgow School of Art she has developed several audio visual works including a visual notation software for improvisation that she explored with countless musicians. She spent her formative years at Birmingham Conservatoire doing an undergraduate degree in music technology and the first 19 years of her life in Romania. She now lives in Glasgow in a tenement flat with her partner.