Andrea Christodoulides

Born in Nicosia, Cyprus, 1994. Lives and works in Glasgow, UK.

Dreams and reality that need to be sewn together to fumble our way forward.Reflections on anxiety and stress over social relations whilst stepping into adulthood and proclaiming an artist’s identity.
Within my work there is a constant dialogue between suspended body movement and a racing mind immobilized by sheer, silky cut fear, reflected in the imagery of static and running figures, techniques and materiality of the work. The patterns and shapes seem to weave the painting world together. The patterns create an essential form of structure that holds the world on the canvases in place. Εvery mark on the canvas has the same poignancy.

The juxtaposition of figures and elements in my work blends the past into the present, questioning ways of being in current society and art’s role in it. The colours are bright, raw and stark and ideas, feelings, thoughts are expressed through the semiotics of painterly language: fluid washes of colour bleeding into each other,swirly lines, impasto brush marks, dribs, radiant hues and quick gestural marks. Obsessively painting patterns on wet ground makes me feel like running on quicksand.

My practice of creating imaginary worlds and characters as a social commentary upon the present living conditions stemmed from growing up in Cyprus, a divided country, while witnessing people of different ethnic origins, religions, and culture. Our current generation grows up striving for success in a highly competitive network that focuses mostly on the past rather than on the future. My intention is to provoke the viewers to imagine a world, where things and people could be otherwise. The intense, faceless characters tackle the idea of living in a dysfunctional capitalist world and managing the heavy pressure of finding self-worth and a meaningful role in society.

The canvas and textile work act as a theatre stage: a defined space in which a series of open-ended narratives is performed; reflecting and mirroring real life while playing with distinct worlds. These ideas have been reinforced through the prism of understanding science fiction, amongst other literature genres, as a crucible for society, through the works of Yevgeny Zamyatin and Alexander Bogdanov and the philosophical writings of Darko Suvin, Fredric Jameson and others.