Chrissie Jacquet

My name is Chrissie, I am Franco-Scottish and I graduated with a master's degree in Interior Design from Glasgow School of Art.

I undertook a master’s degree in 2019 as an opportunity to define a creative process informed by my research into sustainable practices within interior design:
• Conservation of the built fabric
• Radical recycling and valorisation of waste materials
• Circular thinking and programmed adaptive reuse of new materials
• Innovative and plant-based material culture
• Archival research into historic creative practices

My work is inspired by a broad design and material culture, from William Morris’ pattern designs and the Arts & Crafts movement to Aldo Rossi’s Postmodern architectural drawings and 21st century innovative sustainable crafts.

My ambition is to apply my perspective of interiors to surface design and develop patterns for interiors.
How would you like to partici: I am looking to participate and host exhibitions within Saltspace as part of my creative journey into developing my practice of pattern design and printmaking.

It is also an opportunity to share ideas and engage in the conversation around sustainability within the fields of interior design and decorative arts. I am hoping to discuss, through my work, the notion of slow design and alternative progress through the exploration of analogue processes. I might consider analogue technical drawing workshops in the future.