Eva Marie Hewitt

Eva Hewitt is a 20-year-old Painting & Printmaking student based in Glasgow, Scotland, who has been making art from an early age and has an appreciation for realism. She feels blessed to have so many inspirations in her life and has always had a deep-rooted enjoyment for acrylic painting as well as venturing into oil painting and the territory of collage and printing techniques in order to test the waters. The idea of giving ‘credit where credit is due’, appreciating hard work, and valuing the undervalued, are important in her process and outcomes. Previously themes of beauty, belief, and human nature/interaction have cropped up in her work too. The artist feels the urge to make art about not only the people she encounters in her own life, but the qualities she admires in those people and in the wider world. she prefers to work in a more realistic manner and relishes the opportunity to work with the public or close friends, whether this be painting/sketching their portrait or by using her artistic skill to help others. Eva hopes her art brings a sense of appreciation to the timeless qualities adopted by those who inspire my work, because such qualities will never go out of fashion! In short, Eva strives for her work to bring a simple sense of joy to the contemporary world.

My artistic practice draws inspiration from many aspects of my life. Namely, my family archive, my Catholic Faith and specifically my appreciation of humanity, in the form of portraiture and portrayal of the human form. Ever since I was a child, I have been able to appreciate many qualities in those around me – qualities such as hard work, resilience and integrity. To this day, these are qualities I still value very much and determine who I choose to depict in my paintings. I am drawn to the human face and although the familiarity of faces I know offers me comfort, I enjoy working with unfamiliar faces which have made an impression on me or that I see beauty in. Through the utilization of acrylic, oil gouache, and realism, I can express this beauty in a style authentic to myself as the artist, but also relatable for an audience. I uniquely consider visuals taken from traditional Catholic iconography and deal with the concept of reimagining ‘historical’ religious figures in contemporary settings. I often use jelly gouache paint to achieve a glow and radiance complimentary to the often-ethereal subject matters I work within. I have looked to artists such as Tamara de Lempicka and Gerard M. Burns – attracted to the glamour and technical skills evident in their paintings, particularly how light is communicated. I rely on photography - an invaluable tool in my hope to represent reality, and I appreciate the transformation of the reference image through the painting process – a Rockwellian quality I aim to achieve in my portrayal of human figures and faces. Although interested in a more traditional painting approach, I consider how the 2D informs the 3D and how meaning can be embedded physically and metaphorically in paintings. Therefore, there is definitely an element of formalism in my work. For me however, material enquiry and content are equally important. Additional outside references include the outside world as I am captivated by both the tranquility of nature, and the excitement of Glasgow life, frequently documenting my journey home from the studio and capturing through photography, the beauty I see in urban Glasgow. Scenes like these often then crop up as backgrounds in my paintings. Excitingly and more recently, I have been exploring both popular and widely circulated imagery as well as personal disposable photographs I have taken.