Frieda Ford

My art practice is in film, socially engaged work, and textiles. I graduated from Intermedia art at ECA in 2020 and am currently on the committee at EMBASSY Gallery, Edinburgh. I also work with ARTlink, working with young people with mental health difficulties or who are neurologically diverse. I work one to one with these young people through a participant led approach, using art practices that they are keen to pursue to encourage them to work towards social engagement.

I have exhibited work in Kent, London, Edinburgh, and Ireland. I am currently on a residency at Greywood Arts, Cork, facilitating embroidery workshops with locals and film making workshops with young people as well as working on my practice and helping run the residency centre.

I explore queer and feminist theory with an emphasis on accepted heteronormative and patriarchal narratives that dominate contemporary western society. By abstracting popular symbols and combining it with my own footage of ritualised actions I create surreal, uncomfortable landscapes that fragment the idealised body and destabilise a passive acceptance of the myths within popular culture.

In subverting popular myths that pervade our consciousness' I question how knowledge is generated and how affect and desire stick to images, objects, and stories. I spit this knowledge back out in my visual work and socially engaged practice. Through facilitation of discursive workshops with an emphasis on collaborative creativity and participant led outcomes I explore narratives that are brought to life through collective experience. By putting social understanding through a queering process I remove hierarchy and singularity from knowledge and treat it as a constellation that is continuously melting, shifting, and expanding.
How would you like to partici: Specific areas, as I am already on the committee for an artist-led organisation I do not currently have the time to participate in-depth. Once my time at EMBASSY runs out I would be interested in participating more in depth.