Harriet Orrey-Godden

My work explores the corporeal experience of being human and how this shapes us and connects us. The feeling, consuming, and reproducing body is my focus, and a recognition of the body on a continuum with the land. The work is informed by a feminist perspective, focusing on women and reproductive labour as central to our economic survival and organisation of life on this planet. When making work, I am motivated by emotion, accessed through an intuitive exploration of materials and processes. Working in the traditional medium of oil paint, I develop a visual language, made of form, colour and movement. I use expressive brushwork and lines, intended to connect with the viewer on an emotional level. The body I represent is not the individual, private body, but a collective body of the people. I articulate this by deconstructing the form, developing symbolic motifs and rhythmic patterns that suggest bodies in motion, united in struggle and celebration.