India Boxall

I am a creative researcher and dog mother who is living, working and
practising in Glasgow. My creative research practice is rooted in challenging and unpicking alienating and hegemonic political, social and cultural narratives, rendered as normative by global capitalism.

I have a particular focus on spiritual ecology and eco-feminist practices as reparative modalities for states of stagnation and inertia. I like to situate myself-as-creative-researcher within the axis of language and rhetoric, asking: how do things come to be, why, and for whom?

Drawing, collage, sewing, writing and photos are starting points that vary in physical scale and conceptual magnitude, often transforming numerous times into textile installation, sound works, film collages, and sculptural play. These points are a constellation of creative research, entangling and overlapping to inform acts of generating and situating material and collective knowledge/s.

I am founder of a fledgling online library called MUCK (Must Use Critical Knowledge), which exists to support and platform critical art writing.