Isobel O'Donovan

My practice attempts to be a space where absence can be contained and examined. This often feels like I am trying to describe a body that is just out of sight. To do this I try to highlight connections between ephemeral by-products of embodiment such as breath, dreams, memories and language. Resultant works contain absence at their core - taking the form of, for example, an empty bed or a departing butterfly. I hope that this agitation between what is physically present and what is suggested to have just departed the scene allows viewers to consider their own embodiment and experience of time in their own lives.

I work across multiple media - sculpture, video, drawing, family archival material, and writing - often incorporating several media into one work. Absence, coupled with this multiplicity of forms attempts to describe how dreams, memory, and embodiment are sprawling and intangible - always just out of reach of language. In absenting a fixed body from these investigations I hope to make space for whatever ghosts the viewer may bring to the work.