Jessica Turnbull

Jessica Turnbull a Scottish Knit Textile Designer explores the digital applications of knitwear. Baltic Constructivism Spring/Summer 2022 is a modern interpretation of knitwear inspired by travels to Estonia and the contrasts in architectural details between two areas of Tallinn; The Old Town and Lasnamäe. Architecture has always been at the root of my process, sourcing inspiration from small details of facades and the conjunction of materials found within the urban landscape. My practice focuses on creating a juxtaposition of structures through stitch and yarn combinations. I have been experimenting with manipulation of the fabrics surface through heat manipulation techniques. With sustainability at the forefront of my design decisions I have created a zero-waste collection utilising recycled plastic and deadstock yarns using digital knit technology as a way to eliminate waste from my practice. The use of unconventional yarns combinations has created unexpected three-dimensional outcomes. The Making process evolved into studying different yarns behaviours and how this effect the character of the knit, trying to push the boundaries of people’s perception of knit and what it can be used for.

With a clean elegant aesthetic rooted in architectural references and a passion for sustainability, Baltic Constructivism aims to eliminate waste from the textile industry through the innovative use of new technology. The geometric designs have been influenced by the movement of water’s surface. And the playful nature of the knitwear, evokes references from the Estonian Song and Dance Festival by stimulating movement of the knit’s structure. Using digital technology to create tangible pieces of design. Layering graphic patterns with subtle embossed textures to create a contrast in the textures and patterns.