Kat Rulach

Kat Rulach is a print maker with a love for colour and pattern. Originally from Cornwall Kat came to Scotland to study Textile Design from the Glasgow School of Art and has remained ever since.

Kat Rulach founded KYE studio with the objective of creating printed textile products that have a minimal impact on the environment, each one imbued with uniqueness and longevity. Her passion for sustainable and ethically produced textiles is key to her work and her inspiration reflects this: looking at how the manmade and natural world interact and how they are intrinsically linked together.

Working from field sketches she uses paper cutouts and collage to develop ideas, creating vibrant palette and pattern combinations which evolve into her playful prints. These are artworks in their own right but they also go on to inform her printmaking both on textiles and paper.

She block prints her designs by hand on beautiful linen fabrics create one-off accessories and homewares. Alongside these textile products, she creates works on paper using block printing and risograph techniques.