Louise Montgomery

My work explores the fragile but steadfast nature of the world and ourselves, the artwork often walks the line between the calm and the chaotic, I like to question how we can view the world creating a consensus reality in two completely diverging ways. The oppositional aspect of the world is what interests me, how we construct our inner world and together with the world around us, what happens when this understanding falters, when a person falls through the “consensus”. Because of this my art often does look outer-worldly, asking the viewer to make their own idea of reality by following the thread of their own thought.

I feel the subconscious brain is a useful tool in art, for both artist as well as viewer, at first glance the brain is dealing with very basic intuitions and I can use this in my art, often choosing to alter our first sight and hopefully then our understanding.

I’ve been looking at neuroscience in particular the connections between art and the brain, to facilitate my knowledge in how we look at the world. I often take inspiration from artists that would be considered against the norm of life or consider to be outsiders although I find the term questionable for some of my inspirations.