Lucas Priest

The School of Pedestrian Culture; a participant driven walking classroom for the ‘play testing’ of psycho-geographic ‘games’ aimed at disorienting how we encounter public & private places & spaces. Based in Scotland's central belt we encounter and reimagine changing neoliberal cityscapes & urban histories, through walking, chance and performance, developing a contemporary Scottish psychogeography. Part walking forum, part art collective, part pop-up art school the SoPC interweaves walking and talking with local politics, community resilience, friendships and art.

Existing as part of a loosely associated collection of emerging artists and researchers interested in a psychogeography outside of London the SoPC offers a nomadic environment for the collective exploration and interconnection of ideas, practices and research within contemporary Scottish urbanism, with a particular focus on encountering and re-imagining the effects of neo-liberalism in the central belt. We embody the Art Casual, casualising the relationship between artist and audience as to begin developing exchanges and dialogues that lead to unexpected outcomes.