Mousa Alnana

When you look at my artwork, you can sense the humanity in its different colours and its vulnerable stages, under the rough surfaces and the delicate lines. You can see what lays between the human soul, in my collage techniques, and monochromatic style. My aspiration for my art to touch others and speak to them. Perhaps even to act as a reflection, as if art, frames and highlights our emotions.

I was born and raised in Homs, Syria, and now based in Glasgow, Scotland. I started my career at a young age. After graduating from Sobhi Shoieb Art Centre, I studied Fine Arts at Damascus University and graduated in 2010, and I hold a master’s degree from Glasgow School of Art.

I have won awards and participated in many exhibitions and art workshops between Syria, Egypt, Greece, and Scotland. I have more than nine years of experience in painting and graphic design. Also, have experience being lead art instructor in different workshops and events.

I believe in art and the powerful role it plays in revolutions and storytelling. I hope one day, to leave my own unique mark on the canvas of the art world.