Rosa Park

Rosa expresses her confusion, difficulties of being an adult, depression, and thoughts about life and death through various materials like animation, drawing, painting, and screenprint. She especially focuses on the confrontation of some unexpected incidents in the process of becoming an adult. By referencing the stylistic way of writing in a poem that uses symbolic elements to deliver the poet’s abstract thinking, she researched how to express abstract thought with metaphorical figures.

Although the subject of her works is quite heavy and serious in themes, the way that she delivered her ideas is ridiculous, humorous, and uncanny. The vivid colors, childlike drawings, and metaphors that she used make the audiences feel both poignant and funny and gives them some paradoxical views of their life. Through her works and by showing scars of her own honestly, she wants people to be able to look into their own hearts, feel something about their life, and console their hurts.