Ruby Loveday

Ruby Loveday (b.2001) is a sculpture, video and textile artist based in Glasgow. She is currently studying for a BA in Contemporary Fine Arts in her 3rd year at art college. Her work began with wearable metal sculpture and the idea of not being able to fit through a doorway because the adornment was too big. Through time the work is no longer made for the body but takes the whole effort of the body to endure its making process, this spans across her video and textile too. Video has become an extra layer of her work and is often the final output. Video is the expression in which the work is presented. She works in humorous ways of a phallic business but when it feels right the work can take on a seriousness. She is currently focusing on the ever-burning desire to be a welder and as she calls it “learns how to be a proper sculptor”. My work is driven by materials and process, its always about the emotional and physical feeling I get from producing it. The cycle repeats itself at every new work. It gives me the ability to facilitate that ‘Desire to exist’.