I am a final year student at the Glasgow School of Art where I study Sculpture and Environmental Art.  I am interested in making work in, with and for the environment with a focus on site specific installations. Due to the circumstances I have begun to explore my own restricted environment and to push how and where I make art.


I am interested in working across mediums and recently have been trying to push my practice as much as possible by learning new skills that I can then combine with my more sculptural installation pieces. Recently, that has been through exploring film and the interaction between moving images and objects. In a previous project I had begun to explore how different surfaces or objects can interact with a projection and what that does to the image or narrative of the film.


‘Garden in fragments’ is an abstract exploration of the colours and textures in my garden, using mainly close ups and superimposition to capture forgotten moments and movements. The projected film was shot in 16mm while the presented version has been film and edited digitally.


The film is an experiment in the interaction between moving image and sculpture, while the final edit explores how the movement and spatial qualities of sculpture can be translated into film.


The aim for this project is to make it relatable; exploring the spaces close to us, using an object recognisable to everyone in a new and innovative way, challenging our perceptions and demonstrating how everything and anything can be used to make art.

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