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An Archive of (Some) Skin.

Today I'm sharing a couple of pieces and artists that influenced my work and interest in skin. The materials range from wax, silk, silicone, nylon, latex and biomaterials.

Ane Graff - "The Bruise", 2015

Marie Munk - "Public Skin", 2016.

Gioia di Girolamo - "Assisted Service for Miracle Reactions", 2018.

Nobuko Tsuchiya - "Ace of heart vol.7"

Ivana Bašić - "In my scarred fevered skin you see the end. In your healthy flesh I see the same." #1, 2015

Pakui Hardware - "Underbelly", 2019

Senga Nengudi - "R.S.V.P. !," 1977.

Lucy Glendinning- "Skins 4.", 2014.

Studio Thinking Hand - "Necro.Vita", 2019-2020

Berlinde de Bruyckere - "Piëta", 2007-8.

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