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Digital Residency- Hana Pokojna- Choosing Landmarks

My project will focus on showing landmarks in Scotland, such as statues, and object related to typical Scottish things. This involves choosing the objects to depict. Scottish cities have a broad selection of amazing architecture and art, so choosing specific landmarks to depict will be a challenge. I was choosing landmarks from cities I have lived in or have visited on regular basis: Glasgow, Dundee and Edinburgh, which have many sights that represent not only the cities themselves but are known worldwide and have that 'Oh, that's in Scotland!' effect. Below are some of the studies of the cities made over the years:

Places I passed on daily basis in Glasgow: The Tradeston Bridge, burnt down Glasgow School of Art, SSEC Hydro and Armadillo with Finnieston Crane, Squinty Bridge, the Science Centre and the Duke of Wellington.

More Glasgow sights, such as the Tradeston Bridge in colour, view on the South side across Clyde, View from Blythswood House facing north, a marble statue of Eve in Kibble Palace , Statue on George Square, one of the many towers on the historical buildings in Glasgow, and a view from Sauchiehall Street facing West End, The Science Centre, and the Doulton Fountain.

Here are a few sketches from Edinburgh; Polycystic Kidney shown in the Royal Surgeon's Hall Museum, view facing the Waverley place and the Scott Monument from the Scottish National Gallery.

Sketch of a nice old building on Meadowside Street in Dundee

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