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Digital Residency- Hana Pokojna- Introduction

Hello, my name is Hana Pokojna, and I am happy to be given the opportunity to be part of the Digital Residences offered by Salt Space Glasgow.

I am a recent graduate in Medical Visualisation and Medical Art. My work combines my passion for sciences and love for art, primarily focusing on the human anatomy, the human form, mental health, and the difference between perceptions of the same reality. The media I use the most are 2D mixed media, digital illustrations, and 3D modelling.

The illustrations above are examples of Medical Illustration and a life-drawing, which helps with practicing the depiction of the human form.

During my 2- week online residency with Salt Space, I would like to combine the usual sights, specifically human bodies as we see them, and use my knowledge of anatomy to point out how much more there is ourselves and things around us. This will be done with the intention to look at everyday sights and activities in a different light and help think deeper about how mechanically we overlook things but also the complicated mechanism behind the actions and sights themselves. To achieve this, I will use a cross-disciplinary approach of using 3D models as templates to create 2D art pieces made with mixed media. The depicted objects will be the structures of the human bodies applied to objects we see every day. I will take this opportunity to reflect my stay in Scotland, especially in Glasgow which has grown very close to my heart, and celebrate the sights associated with this special place. To see the progress of my journey, follow the Salt Space Glasgow Cooperative blog and their Instagram: @salt_spacecoop, as well as my updates on @ha_n_art or my website

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