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Digital Residency- Hana Pokojna- The Process

For this project, I have chosen 2 statues that are famous landmarks in Glasgow and Irn Bru, which was part of my daily life because of how popular it is with people living in Scotland.

On the left is the statue of Duke of Wellington in front of GOMA in Glasgow city centre. On this particular occasion when this photograph was taken (early November '19) Mr Wellington rocked three cones at the same time. Other than this statue being a very eye-catching piece of art, the cone hats made it one of the most popular landmarks in Scotland.

The second object I will depict will be a tinnie of Irn Bru, the sweet caffeinated beverage that was part of my everydat life by association of me working, living and hanging out with people who drank it. While I have had it only a handful of times, there was always a glass full of Irn Bru on the table, tinnie in the bin, or bottle in the fridge.

The third depiction will be of the tomb of Charles Tennant in Glasgow's Necropolis. The city that brews this lager, not far from where the commemorating tomb of its founder is located, is known for another beverage that is very typical not just of Scotland, but particularly of Glasgow itself. The final piece in this three part series will combine the statue and beverage aspects.

The pictures below show a little sneak peek of the final pieces of the works set for this 2 week digital residency with Salt Space- not long to go 'til the end!

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