Digital Residency - Kieran Muir - Introduction

Hi, my name is Kieran Muir and I have just started a 2-week residency with the Saltspace Co-op. I just wanted to start off by introducing myself and talking a bit about my practice. I would describe myself as a multi-disciplinary artist that explores worship and ceremony through a lens of subversive carnivalesque humour.

Idol I- Ceramic - 2018

Through the creation of false artefacts and iconographies, I want to challenge the rigid dogma and habitual hypocrisy of organised religion. This area of interest is rooted in my strict catholic upbringing which was often incongruous to my own queer identity: my work is ultimately a tool for exercising personal shame and guilt as a result of my upbringing. My most recent body of work has been an exploration of Hagiography, the biographies of saints, and using these narratives to create a series of stained-glass windows that will explore a cultural fascination with these often-tragic figures. The association between stained glass and religion seemed like it would be a perfect medium for this project.

Hairy Mary - Leaded glass panel - 2020

However glass I a relatively new addition to my practice, I originally studied Painting and Printmaking at Glasgow School of Art but was always more interested in exploring different craft techniques. Throughout my degree, I did a bit of everything but paint including weaving, quilting, ceramics, and many more. After graduating, I was looking for some courses where I could develop these skills further, which is when I came across the HNC Art Glass course at City of Glasgow College. I hadn’t even thought about glass as a possible artistic medium till then and I immediately became obsessed with it. This course has been an eye-opening experience and has really changed the direction of my practice, while I have learned so many fascinating techniques (including glass fusing and casting) I have become completely enamoured with traditional stained glass.

Self-portrait - Vitreous pain on glass - 2020

Throughout this 2 week residency, I am aiming to complete some in-depth research into the narratives and histories of saints and use this to complete a body of drawings that will inform future stained glass windows. You can follow along through the blog and their Instagram (@salt_spacecoop) as well as my own (@kiki_muir).

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