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India Boxall - Our first digital residency!

SaltSpace are delighted to introduce our new resident, India Boxall. Over the coming weeks India will share insights with us into her creative research practice. During her digital SaltSpace residency India will excavate the geological history of the High Street, Glasgow’s oldest street, and examine the hidden narratives that imbue the soil and substrates within the city limits. Her exploration takes in the folkloric tale regarding Victorian Glasgow’s decision to make the slope of the High Street less steep than the original medieval ascent, displacing the soil to make the thoroughfare easier to traverse. This notion of displacement, place-making, the ecological and the shifting scape of the city centre, form the basis of India’s practice, situating herself as creative researcher within the spatial dialogue between buildings, dwellings and edge lands or riggs (the scots word for strips of back garden ground). India uses soil as witness to explore themes of the embryonic street grid, shifting civic power, socio-environmental histories, and the changing townscape.

India Boxall is a creative researcher who resides in Glasgow. Her practice, comprised of critical art writing and visual art, is rooted in prizing open situated knowledge using an ecofeminist perspective. India is the co-editor of MUCK (Must Use Critical Knowledge), a fledgling library currently existing online that promotes text dedicated to untangling hegemonic claims to knowledge.

@paperseeps @muck_space

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