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Our next 'What If' Resident Sharon Ferris

SaltSpace are delighted to introduce our new 'What If' resident, Sharon Ferris. Sharon is a visual designer for emerging technologies who creates digital, interactive and immersive virtual experiences in her work. Over the coming weeks Sharon will share insights with us into her research area during the 'What If' residency. Sharon intends to use augmented reality to interrogate the site of one of Glasgow's lost buildings, The Old Basin House Tavern at Bairds Brae, and revisit some of the contextual principles behind public and open space, humans and community building. We're excited to see how Sharon's research develops over her weekly updates!

For Sharon's full bio please see below: SHARON FERRIS BA(HONS) MA MSC Sharon Ferris’s work responds to creating unified virtual experiences, that offer agency, engagement and curiosity within a three- dimensional interactive virtual hyperreality environment. As a digital practitioner, she brings from her interdisciplinary research from her MA in Digital Arts and recent MSc in Virtual Reality and Serious Game from Glasgow School of Art. Sharon explores the convergence of art, science and design, using algorithms, digital art and psychology to create an analogue and interactive and immersive digital VR application. SELECTED EXHIBITIONS - 2019 GOMA, Glasgow Queertimes School posters - 2019 Queens Cross Church, Glasgow - 2019 VR Installation - 2014 Arts & About, Sydney.

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