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The Old Basin Tavern - Glasgow's built environment

SaltSpace 'What If' resident, Sharon Ferris will be sharing more excerpts of her research and processes with us over the next few weeks, as she interrogates the site of the Old Basin Tavern. As Sharon writes: "This residency will enable me to respond to the local lost building and create a project with a culture & heritage theme that enhances my knowledge of the built environment on the Forth and Clyde canal where I live, work and create".

As the residency progresses Sharon will be researching the Forth and Clyde Canal Corridor and its physical role on the built industrial, urban environment. Her aim is to respond through contextual design, by placing the Augmented Reality built environment in “context” and gain feedback from local Forth & Clyde Canal Residents. As Sharon documents her intentions: "The work will be explored through development and prototype of a visualisation that could support the human engagement of the site at the scale of the individual".

We're very excited to see how Sharon's research develops. For more information and updates on Sharon's residency please visit:

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