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The prototype stage

Latest update on our 'What If' resident, Sharon Ferris, a recent graduate of GSofA SimVis, and her fascinating interrogation of the site of the Old Basin Tavern at Bairds Brae:

"This week my project has reached the prototype stage. The objective is to gain a deeper understanding of the skin and bones of the site. The influence of Stewart Brands, ‘How buildings learn‘ has introduced a new way to observe the built environment. My project requires two versions of the Old basin Tavern, Brands book offers a visual way to deconstruct the original site into six layers; Site, Structure, Skin, Services, Spaceplan and Stuff.

Bands writing has given me a new angle to look at the project and how to approach the rebuild in three dimensions, including the look and feel of both treatments of the Old Basin Tavern.

To follow Sharon's progress on the 'What If' residency see her blog page for more details:

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