The social impact of the Old Basin Tavern, Glasgow

'What If' resident Sharon Ferris, as part of her weekly update on her residency with Saltspace, looks at the physical and contextual site of the Old Basin Tavern, to examine the social impact of this public space, as it was frequented by the workers and residents of the canal and North Glasgow.

Detailing her research in her residency blog, Sharon notes, 'The public space was a hub of working class humans, who shaped the canal experience in the late 1800s, the stories of the Tavern, reflect a colourful space where the Navvies socialised with the locals due to the OBTs close proximity to the canal and locality north of the city.' Sharon's practice is underpinned by computer science, as she sets out, 'In order to understand the principles and theories of an augmented 3D environment I have went back to the mathematician Hamilton (1866) exploring his theory on the fourth dimension and the need to have it in order to create motion within a 3D space. Quaternions are very useful when designing in 3D space and especially in augmented reality and virtual reality.

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Saltspace is a voluntary, artist ran, non-profit Cooperative CIC across three spaces in the East end of Glasgow, UK.


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