Poster Becky Tucker Gambrel.jpg

MIRROR MIRROR IN MY HAND: Village Storytelling Festival 2022

5th - 10th July

11am - 5pm

SaltSpace gallery

270 High St, Glasgow G4 0QT, UK

We hold the mirror. We control the reflections. We can angle it, we can shift it, we can reframe the image. We can change the perceptions. We want to reframe the narratives in the stories you’ve heard. we are not the King’s wives or the Miller’s daughters. We are the Girls and Women – and we have a life and a voice.

Mirror Mirror is a visual exploration and re-examination of popular myth, story and fairytale culture, putting Girls and Women at the front and centre.

Created in partnership with the Village Storytelling Centre by the young women supported by the charity, Say Women, which offers support for women aged 16 to 25 who are survivors of sexual violence and/or homelessness.

Exhibition open 5th to 10th July from 11am to 5pm at SaltSpace Co-operative Gallery.