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Reconfiguration: April Lannigan, Garrett Ure, Astrid Turner

25th - 29th May

10am - 5pm

SaltSpace gallery

270 High St, Glasgow G4 0QT, UK

Reconfiguration is a group exhibition uniting three Glasgow based artists under a particular material focus. The show encompasses work from two Glasgow School of Art, BA Sculpture and Environmental Art students Garrett Ure and April Lannigan. Alongside works by Astrid Turner, a recent BA (Hons) Contemporary Art Practice graduate from City of Glasgow College. Opening night will be 25th May 7 - 9pm at SaltSpace gallery and will run 26th - 29th May 10am - 5pm.

The title of the exhibition gifts flavour to the kind of work on show, referencing each artists individual contribution, ultimately building on works and processes already in motion over the past several months. Reconfiguration houses an array of multimedia works : from large scale acrylic paintings and concrete support structures to non-traditional weaving techniques with plastic.

The show aims to conclude a period of material-based creative research undertaken by each artist, raising further queries as to the validity of such as a student of art, specifically in the age of logocentrism. By reinvesting in the material world which surrounds, we are concluding that it is the art object. The painting, the Sculpture, the Image- which becomes the primary vessel of knowledge production and research. Reconfiguration probes a move away from concept driven practice, instead allowing the materials themselves to set the agenda.

The show heightens ideas of what it means to generate stereotypically non collectable or ephemeral artwork as a young artist and how individual entities can be reconfigured dependant on context. Enjoy, discover, reconsider.

Garrett Ure
My Saltspace work is initiated through material play and experimentation with the ways in which a medium can be manipulated into a sculptural form. My curiosity as a practitioner creates insatiable desire to invent and interrogate new methods and approaches to making. My practice encompasses themes surrounding sustainability, recycling, and traditional handcrafted objects with a distinct focus on the materialism of the sculptures as the subject matter. I have a relationship with both old and new objects which I have explored throughout my recent body of work. I embarked upon the full restoration and metamorphosis of a wood plane into both a working tool and a sculptural curiosity. Furthermore, I have been in collaboration with acrylics company, Midton, who have enabled me to test their new 100% recycled material through an experimental weaving process, implementing unconventional tactics to conform the acrylic to its upcycled wooden frame.

April Lannigan
My contribution to the Saltspace show consists of two large scale acrylic paintings on canvas, an array of sculptural and walled collages. My approach to art making explores a long-standing enthusiasm for Scottish rural landscape-To explore mountainous or expansive spaces and be at one with the natural world as a form of escapism from an increasingly digitalised society. Allowing myself to be captivated by the processes of decay and regeneration which are circular within these rural spaces, housed within post industrial remains. In turn, questioning the role of the artist by engaging seriously in material research, exploring an objects vibrancy dependant on context. I am curious as to the borders of artistic disciplines and whereby they intersect: Namely that of Painting, Sculpture, and Installation Art.

The Saltspace show gave opportunity to push forwards work already set in motion over the past year into an alternative resolution, further navigating the transition from the flat pictorial composition into sculptural form. Bringing abstract acrylic paintings on canvas, wooden walled collages and cast acrylic structures into conversation with both the surrounding gallery space and that of Garrett and Astrid’s work. Wooden walled collages, previously exhibited at House for an Art Lover in February of this year, adopt a new sculptural body for the show, now cast in recycled acrylic chips. The sculptures were fabricated in collaboration with Midton, pioneering their new Remade material. There is now opportunity to walk around the pieces, which have previously been curated on a flat walled surface. They become autonomous self-standing entities, vaguely cabinet of curiosity-esc, the materials encapsulated within them become anthropomorphic.

Astrid Turner
In this showcase, Astrid demonstrates her interest in everyday building methods and materials, namely that of lath and plaster. Taking influence from the surrounding build environment of her home landscape, the city of Glasgow. This series of work has particular focus on maintaining sustainability within her own practice and arts production. The show gave opportunity to reconsider the temporality and preservation of sculptural work and what this means to engage with this sort of practice. Astrid is exhibiting fragments of work from previous shows, now adorned into a new series of work entirely.