Pleased to say artist Connor Ross @connor1t3 is the recipient of our collab digital residency with Print Clan! 🎈Follow Connor over the next few weeks as he begins to build a digital archive of interviews/research online alongside printing in the Print Clan studio.

Connor works in detailed drawings, embossment and printing techniques creating images relating to loss and memory. With this project he hopes to explore this premise on a larger scale and combine the methodical aspects in printmaking to question the natural repetition and degradation of memory. Keep up to date with the developments of Connors project on our social media and website and go follow @printclan 💘

View Connor's digital archive here!

Michelle Jamieson interview via zoom!Connor Ross
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Hana Pokojna

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Digital Residencies

As we are currently unable to deliver artist residencies in our gallery space, we are offering our platform as a digital residency where artists can use our web and social media platforms to document their practice and promote their work. Our last open call for this is now closed but there will be similar opportunities available in the future, stay tuned!


Zsofia Jakab digital residency


​24th Sep - 8th Oc

Explore Zsofia's archived blog posts below during her digital residency with us!

'During my two-week residency, I’ll be sharing my visual and textual research, experiments and work. I would also like to address you, the reader to engage; to share your experience, associations,
reflections on touch.'

Coming UP

New 'What If' Residents Civic Soup

Architectural Legacies of Imperialism in the Postcolonial City

Week beginning Monday 12th October:

Live reading event, date/time/location TBC

We're very excited to announce our next 'What If' residents, architecture collective Civic Soup. For their digital residency at SaltSpace, Civic Soup will guide “A Reading Circle on Place and Decolonisation”.

They will gather online over the next six weeks to read aloud on practices of decolonisation in relation to place and architecture, with particular reference to extant colonial legacies in Glasgow’s urban realm. Reflecting upon both the readings and the immediate Glaswegian context through techniques of collective writing, culminating in the production of poetic texts to be performed at a (live)* event in mid-October, in Glasgow. *covid-19 permitting

Civic Soup are an Edinburgh-based architecture collective centred on inclusive and participatory processes. They have worked with people through the medium of workshops, performances, conversations and events, alongside the production of public art, research, live-builds, and set design.

Civic Soup will begin the reading circle with two introductory sessions to discourses of decolonisation as outlined by Frantz Fanon, the settler-colonial present and its residues in Glasgow’s built environment. Over the following three weeks, the reading circle will read from scripts, essays and autoethnographies on refugee architectures of temporary permanence, ecofeminist perspectives on land use and cultivation, and architectural legacies of imperialism in non-Western geographies.

In the latter half of each meeting, there will be the opportunity to develop poetic reflections through techniques of collective writing, including strategies of found and concrete poetry, to explore how situated histories of violence can be re-remembered and re-inscribed through linguistic gestures. Emphasising the importance of the ‘lived’, in writing together the reading circle will engage with how embodied experience differently produces ownership in [Glasgow’s] public space. In the sixth week, Civic Soup will create a presentation of the reflective poetic works produced throughout the reading circle.

The Reading Circle will take place once a week, beginning on Monday 7th September, from 7 – 8:30PM, and each Monday at the same time slot thereafter. Availability for all of the reading sessions is desirable as the written reflections will be developed and shaped over the course of the six weeks.

The Reading Circle will take place via Zoom, so a functioning microphone and webcam are necessary.

Please express your interest and availability by sending an email with the subject ‘Reading Circle’ to, with a short sentence about yourself and why you would be interested in participating.

Calendar for Reading Circle Seasons:

Monday 7th September, 7:00 – 8:30PM:

An Introduction to Discourses of Decolonisation

Monday 14th September, 7:00 – 8:30PM:

Residues of Colonialism in Glasgow’s Built Environment

Monday 21st September, 7:00 – 8:30PM:

Refugee Architectures of Temporary Permanence

Monday 28th September, 7:00 – 8:30PM:

Ecofeminism & Landed Practices of Cultivation

Monday 5th October, 7:00 – 8:30PM:

Architectural Legacies of Imperialism in the Postcolonial City

Week beginning Monday 12th October:

Live reading event, date/time/location TBC


'What If' residency is offered with grant aided supported by Glasgow City Heritage Trust and delivered by Saltspace, aimed at disciplines and contemporary practice that directly relates to the questions, problems and ideas around Glasgow's built environment.



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