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Past Residents

Civic Soup

Hana Pokojna

Zsofia Jakab

Kieran Muir

Suri Park

Connor Ross X Print Clan

Sharon Ferris 

India Boxall 

Kim Tiong 

Sean Ellecombe 

Lynsey Mackenzie 


Digital Residencies


During the COVID19 pandemic we were unable to deliver artist residencies in our gallery space. We offered our platform as a digital residency where artists used our web and social media platforms to document their practice and promote their work. 

Ciara McInnes LIVE talk and Q+A - 'What If' Residency: Glasgow's Lost Landscapes


'What If' Residents Civic Soup's

Reading Circle On Decolonisation


“In the Autumn of 2020, members of the public and SaltSpace community gathered in an online reading circle centred on practices of decolonisation in relation to place and architecture. In each of the 6 sessions, guided by Civic Soup, participants read aloud in-turn from scripts, essays and autoethnographies. Base texts focused on the settler-colonial present and its residues in Glasgow’s built environment, refugee architectures of temporary permanence, ecofeminist perspectives on land use and cultivation, and architectural legacies of imperialism in non-Western geographies.


Assembled and mapped here are links to the points of departure, further resources and references which grew from the collective reflection and discussion of each reading session. Anchored to Resmaa Menakem’s study of embodied trauma in “My Grandmother’s Hands: Racialized Trauma and the Pathway to Mending Our Hearts and Bodies”, the Reading Circle continues to meet and share a practice of collective reading and reflection.”

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Pleased to say artist Connor Ross @connor1t3 is the recipient of our collab digital residency with Print Clan! 🎈Follow Connor over the next few weeks as he begins to build a digital archive of interviews/research online alongside printing in the Print Clan studio.

Connor works in detailed drawings, embossment and printing techniques creating images relating to loss and memory. With this project he hopes to explore this premise on a larger scale and combine the methodical aspects in printmaking to question the natural repetition and degradation of memory. Keep up to date with the developments of Connors project on our social media and website and go follow @printclan 💘

View Connor's digital archive here!

Michelle Jamieson interview via zoom!Connor Ross
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Civic Soup

Zsofia Jakab digital residency


​24th Sep - 8th Oc

Explore Zsofia's archived blog posts below during her digital residency with us!

'During my two-week residency, I’ll be sharing my visual and textual research, experiments and work. I would also like to address you, the reader to engage; to share your experience, associations,
reflections on touch.'

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