Rhona Sword

After moving from the North East of Scotland to complete my foundation year at Leith School of Art, I am currently studying at the Glasgow School of Art. My practice has been hugely influenced by the semester that I spent abroad in Canada when I began to question a lot of the preconceptions I had about painting, and since then I have become increasingly occupied with interrogating visual art, in particular the processes behind it and the idea of the ‘artist’. As well as my own visual practice, I am deeply concerned with wider ideas of culture and community, and am very interested in spending time reading and researching the intersection of the art world with our society and its power structures.


Statement: Focused on an intent to notice, my practice aims to encapsulate the notion of slowing down through close looking and a meditative, repetitive and quiet process. Enveloping the viewer, my works aim to provide the opportunity for moments of meditation within a sensory experience that is at once familiar and unknown. 


With an interdisciplinary practice primarily involving installation, painting and printmaking, I have always been interested in addressing questions about the ways in which we interact with space, and I have become increasingly interested in the idea of process with regards to how we might enact and explore a slowing down and a thinking about mechanical or physical processes.




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