Focused on an intent to notice, my practice aims to encapsulate the notion of slowing down through close looking and a meditative, repetitive and quiet process. Enveloping the viewer, my works aim to provide the opportunity for moments of meditation within a sensory experience that is at once familiar and unknown. 


With an interdisciplinary practice primarily involving installation, moving image, painting and printmaking, I have always been interested in addressing questions about the ways in which we interact with space. I have become increasingly interested in the idea of process with regards to how we might enact and explore a deeper level of engagement through thinking about physical and mechanical acts of making. 



Radio Silence.png

When you’ve been trapped inside a small flat for three weeks, the walls become the most interesting thing to look at. Indeed, endlessly fascinating. Studying them prevents me from being forced to consider my own reflection. I have always been interested in slow looking, careful consideration and repetitive routine and gestures. This period is taking that obsession to new levels. 


This film was made at the beginning at the beginning of lockdown as a way to familiarise myself with a new and increasingly claustrophobic environment. I included footage from the surfaces that gave me repeating déjà vu from looking intensely at them day in, day out. The sounds was constructed from field recordings from around the flat, including the incessant punctuation of radio updates, which, at the time felt like a fragile remaining thread to any conception of an exterior world and yet somehow also incredibly surreal and fantastical. 

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