Tinderbox Collective brings together a vibrant and eclectic community of young musicians and artists in Scotland, transforming preconceptions of what an orchestra can be. For artists Sonia Killmann and Rhona Sword, collaboration is at the heart of their practice, and through the possibilities that Tinderbox provides, they can push boundaries and develop forwards.


Working with technology and electronics, and with complementary aspects to their respective practices in sound and visuals, Sonia and Rhona met through taking part in Tinderbox and have found a new and exciting partnership over the last few months. Through their collaborative practice, they have both been able to develop their skills in interactive and electronic composition, and begin to really dig into what the possibilities of technology might offer in an age of isolation.

Working collaboratively on their new project ‘Sights and Sounds of Isolation’, artists Sonia Killmann and Rhona Sword have been producing audio visual works in partnership with the Tinderbox Collective. For this video, the artists worked with the Tinderbox Orchestra, who have been meeting up together every week using Zoom to explore ways of making music online. Together they recorded a series of orchestral improvisations online, and Sonia used these recordings to make an atmospheric soundscape. Rhona then used this as the soundtrack and inspiration for a moving image piece that she created out of video fragments collected from people in Tinderbox Collective’s different projects.


The work aimed to bring us together during a time of separation - through finding ways to continue composing and producing music together we were able to take solace in our collective passion. Whilst this separation might not have been experienced in perfect harmony, it was at least experienced together.

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