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'Reconfiguration' by April Lannigan, Garett Ure, Astrid Turner

SaltSpace gallery

25/05/22 - 29/05/22

Reconfiguration encompassed work from two Glasgow School of Art, BA Sculpture and Environmental Art students Garrett Ure and April Lannigan., and works by Astrid Turner, a recent BA (Hons) Contemporary Art Practice graduate from City of Glasgow College.

The title of the exhibition gifted flavour to the kind of work on show, referencing each artists individual contribution, ultimately building on works and processes already in motion over the past several months. Reconfiguration housed an array of multimedia works : from large scale acrylic paintings and concrete support structures to non-traditional weaving techniques with plastic.

The show concluded a period of material-based creative research undertaken by each artist, raising further queries as to the validity of such as a student of art, specifically in the age of logocentrism. By reinvesting in the material world which surrounds, we are concluding that it is the art object. The painting, the Sculpture, the Image, which becomes the primary vessel of knowledge production and research. Reconfiguration probes a move away from concept driven practice, instead allowing the materials themselves to set the agenda.

The show heightened ideas of what it means to generate stereotypically non collectable or ephemeral artwork as a young artist and how individual entities can be reconfigured dependant on context. Enjoy, discover, reconsider.

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