We offer annual memberships to emerging artists

across the whole of Scotland!


Membership is open to Scottish students, artists based in Scotland and any artists that have studied at a Scottish institution. We have four different memberships, allowing members to rent our spaces or we offer flexibility and specific output with your involvement with Saltspace. 


We have an annual turnover from Sep - Aug.

Membership OFFER!

Since our annual turnover is from Sep - Aug we are offering anyone who becomes a member from June - July 2022 will automatically have their membership extended until Aug 2023 !

As we are a non-profit co-operative we do rely on contributions to help meet our running costs. All funds from membership goes straight back into helping us run our co-operative. We hope this opportunity of a mutual relationship through membership will offer both artists and us as an organisation a beneficial relationship during precarious times!


Should you be considering joining Saltspace we invite you to look over all memberships below, as well as reading our aims and values and ask yourself whether they align with you and your way of working.


• Creativity and Collaboration

• Support

• Education and Skill-sharing 

• Accessibility and Inclusivity 

• Sustainability 

• Openness and Transparency


• Providing a platform for new artists to make, exhibit and sell work with a strong support network

• Promoting creative collaboration, skill-sharing and learning

• Nurturing an accessible and inclusive creative space 

• Meaningfully engaging with our local community 

• Providing a sustainable co-op for future members

• Cultivating honesty and transparency at all levels

BECOME A MEMBER ↓ Click the relevant membership below to fill out the application form and purchase a membership.


The below benefits apply to the student/graduate & emerging artist memberships only. These memberships allow you to rent out the gallery,

view Gallery Space hire fees here.

student_grad emerg may 2022.jpg


Membership £10

Open to students studying at institutions based in Scotland. Graduate Membership is open to recent graduates from an institution based in Scotland within the current year 2021.

Emerging Artist

Membership £20

Open to graduates in the last 2 years and above, as well as emerging artists based in Scotland.


The below 'Associate' memberships have specific benefits and do not include the

ones above. You can't rent the spaces and instead the membership has more specific output and involvement with us.

Associate may 2022.jpg

If you are unable to pay membership fees but still want to be part of Saltspace please drop us an email at and we will do our best to help.

Membership £10

Open to anyone wanting to gain specific experience for example invigilating or helping out at events that have a particular area of interest.


Membership £7.50

Open to anyone unemployed wanting to gain specific experience for example invigilating or helping out at events that have a particular area of interest.